SoCal Bass Days 2017

These events are free, open to the public, and intended for musicians of all levels.

Jan 3, 7pm, Master Class with David Murray and Claus Freudenstein at Concordia University at Irvine.

Jan 4, 7pm, Concert with David Murray, Claus Freudenstein, Matt Hare, Spencer Baldwin, and other area bassists at Irvine High School.

This concert will be light, fun and inspire current and future young bassists. The evening will open with a few pieces performed by students from universities in the area and advanced high school students. Later, David Murray will perform B.B. Wolf, Claus Freudenstein will perform some Classic Rock transcriptions, Matt Hare and Spencer Baldwin will join them for some light bass quartet music, and the night will close with as many players as we can get on stage playing some bass choir arrangements.


Promotional flyers and handbills for download





Special thanks to everyone at Lemur Music for their support